Performance, 20 min(w. Anne-Liis Kogan)

The third part in a series of works starting with One divides into two, two doesn't merge into one (2013).
A dialogue about the tuning of a piano has been read by two actors (Left hand, hesitates, 2014). A recording made from the rehearsal of the reading constitutes the basis for this work.

In I'm ready when you are the recording has now become a musical score for three singers. It is presented as a mix between song and speech and the various "chapters" of the performance range from lyrical song to rap to explosive noise. Sometimes the song is interrupted by comments such as "sorry, can you say that bit again? You said it wrong" etc, suggesting underlying temporal aspects.

Performed by Mari Seilskjær, Gro-Marte Dickson and Sara F. Faraj