HIMLEN 12.00
(The sky at noon)

Two people looked at the sky at the exact time of 12.00 everyday for a whole year.
Carried out in 2012
A collaboration with Ylva Trapp

Excerpt from notebooks:

January 6th, Ramberget, Gothenburg.
Completely blue. I find it difficult to focus because all I see is color, blue colour, at a very far distance. I decide to carry on looking until I spot something else, until something enters my field of vision which I can focus on. Something close enough to my eyes. The sun shines straight into my eyes, and in the lower part of my field of vision the light is almost blinding, only a hint of blue and green inside all the white. I look and look but I can't focus. Trying to look with one eye at a time, but all it does is that my field of vision gets smaller. I see the floaters in my eyes, dots moving about. I mistake one of them for a bird in the sky, but it moves away along with my eye movement. I see a small thread-like floater that I recognize, like a speck of dust, moving steadily downwards on my left eye. Suddenly a crow flies past close-by, and my eyes regain focus. The sky is blue.

Jan 6th, Västertorp, Stockholm.
The blue is bright and without shades, just one, single colour. I lean my head backwards and allow my eyes to scan the sky, to take in as much blue as possible between the pines. As I tilt my head I spot a small airplane to my left, I follow it and it make a slow, faint stripe, cutting through the sky. The blue is deep, dense, One small speck of cloud near the rooftops. At least I think it’s a cloud, the sky is lighter closer to the horizon and it almost disappears in the light.

January 7th, Maria skolgata, Stockholm
The clouds are dense and grey, with a hint of yellow. My computer-eyes react to the power of the light. A seagull is flying upwards, then down and away out of my field of vision to the left. It’s being tossed and moved about by the wind. A crow is moving in the opposite direction, acting as if there is no wind at all, just cutting through it like an arrow.

January 7th, Nordnes, Bergen
Grey/white, pale sky, I think of pearls. The sun seems quite strong somehow although it's hidden among grey layers. A peculiar combination of cloud and sunshine. The sun gives a large part of the sky a pale shimmer, even though the clouds is quite dense and thick. It seems that this light would be good for taking photos…grey but still warm, round, as if the sun is lurking behind they grey, waiting to come out. It’s rare, this kind of warm tone on a sky completely drowned in clouds. The top branches of the birch tree to the left are trembling in the slight wind, only every now and then though, as if the wind is teasing them.

January 8th, Mockasinvägen, Stockholm
The sky is covered in super thin, grey clouds, like a thin layer of milk which lets through the blue light here and there. An airplane is passing by at a very short distance. It almost seems threatening. Maybe because it looks like a military place, with triangular shaped wings. But I know it’s a white, long passenger plane on it’s way to Bromma Airport. At an arm’s length distance I can see a fly flying east.

January 8th, Fløyen, Bergen
Blue sky. Behind the pine tree closest to the left I can see a small cloud, which is moving from left to right, very fast. When I look up again it has disappeared behind the trees. Now I can see more clouds coming in, very fast. They are white and cotton-like on a bright blue sky. The light is almost stinging my eyes and reflects in my glasses, making all the dirt on them visible. I can hear a crow. The blue is bright and I have to shut my eyes for a while in order to feel overwhelmed by the amount of light hitting my retina.